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Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2019

Damn, Matthew Reilly You Genius! Huntsman & Co + Scarecrow & Co Finally Together In One Book!
You Just Made All My Fantasy Book Dreams Finally Came True!!!

Jack West Jr, Lily, Alby, Sky Monster, E-147, Pooh Bear, Stretch, Horus, Poodle, Lab, Mae Meriwether Jack’s Kick Arse Book Wise Smart Mother), Scarecrow, Mother F@#ker, Astro, Hades, Vacheron, Zaitan, Iolanthe -Compton Jones , 16 Champions to duel to death with only 1 Champion Standing at the end, The Game of Games, Mortal Combat Trials,
The 12 Labours of Hercules King of the Land, King of the Sea, King of the Sky & King of the Underworld.
I Just Loved, Loved, Loved This Book!
It's taken me 2 years to read due to migraines, but was worth the wait & Now I get to Move On to the New Book, The Three Secret Cities as soon as this Review is Done!

What a way to Spend the Easter Long Weekend 2019, while my pup's recovering from surgery & I'm out of action & injured, all wrapped up in the pages, bodies, minds, blood, sweat & tears of Jack West Jr Aka "The Huntsman" & Shane Schofield Aka "Scarecrow"!

These Men have been The 2 Fantasy Action / Adventure Hero Loves of My Life Since my late Teens, I'm now 45!
Matthew Reilly (Not Only My All Time Favourite Aussie Author, But Favourite All-Time Author) & I are the same age & I've grown up with these 3 Guys! So Thanks Matt You Made My Dreams Come True,
But I Want More, Hopefully There back in action together for The three Secret Cities!

Each time I read A Jack West Jr Book I'm "Team Jack" All The Way, but then I read a Scarecrow Book & I'm " Team Scarecrow"! I just couldn't decide, but then why should I, Can't I have my Have my 2 Beefcakes’ & Eat Them Too? Damn Straight I can. I love them both & I refuse too choose!
But the one with Red Dirt under his Boots is an Aussie Too! But then there’s those Scares, Oh My!

I was a bit disappointed at first, as I love the action and adventure of a Jack West novel & being a history buff I love the historical tie in’s, (who has an Imagination like this? No one that’s who)!
But for me there was 1 thing missing : The Reillyesc signature booby traps which we have grown to love & depend on, as seen in each previous incarnation, but then I realised the booby traps weren’t just mechanized contraptions this time they were actual characters in Mephisto, Fear, Chaos & Hydra! Matt’s Always ramping it up, inventing, upping the anti, always improving what a great move turning booby traps into physical characters we can love or hate, rather than some device built into the structure! So clever!
My Favourite of the 4 Booby Traps is such a devious devilish character in Mephisto & talk about ugly, not too mention Bat-Shit Crazy & set out 4 revenge! Oh & those teeth!
He reminds me of some far removed cannibal tribe hiding from civilisation in the depths of remote jungles somewhere with his horrid pointy vicious teeth & voice that runs right through the body & mind. A complete horror show in one tiny, tiny crazy character who made a huge impact of this fan!
Boy Did I love to Hate this little Bastard & couldn’t wait 4 see how his demise would occur or would he be back in the next book? I prayed he die screaming slowly! But he’s not the only one I want to see die screaming slowly in this book! There’s so many arsehats in this book that need a good beating by Jack, Shane & Co!
Matt's characters have a life & fan base all of their own, they are written in such a way that makes them extraordinary but ordinary at the same time. Most are flawed to one degree or another & seem like everyday people just like you & me, bit with some extraordinary skill sets. They (usually) have high morale’s values & standards. They are likeable, loveable or you just damn well love to hate some. With the main characters You’re behind them all the way rooting for them & cheering them on some with secondary or third party characters waiting with baited breath for a spectacular demise that’s so richly deserved. So much passion behind each & every character & their dialogue!
Unfortunately for me there’s one character, who although has evolved in age & wisdom throughout the series, but not so much in stature is young Lily!
I’d love too see her more involved in the physical side of things. After being with Jack & Co from birth & Jack's adopted daughter, you'd think she’d be more schooled in martial arts, combat & weapons. I'd love to see Lily have a major adventure all of her own or combat quest.
Maybe She’ll become a female version of Jack to take over once he's too old to gallivant all over the world, series II The Lily West & Alby Calvin Adventures!
Gotta say I love seeing Alby evolve in this story, he is showing he’s more than just a brain coming Into his own & handy a few times at just the right moment.
Now we come to the world building of this genius: His books are written in a way that sweeps you up & envelopes you right in the middle of the action & adventure, it’s as if your playing the title role yourself & sometimes even the supporting role’s too. I love the ability to ‘Skin Walk’ in Matt's Character’s shoes. I feel as though I’m a major part of the character’s, the action & can not turn the pages fast enough too keep up with my eyes.
Every time I read a Matthew Reilly book it’s gone within a day or two which is amazing, but as your hearing the end it’s so depressing when you come to realise it’s almost the end of the book, unless you’ve got the next book waiting which this time I actually do this time! It usually takes about a week or so for a Matthew Reilly book to get out of my head!
While Reilly’s books are set in modern day and time they’re also set in ancient history. They take you back to an ancient world unbeknown to most.
A long lost city, its people / species or forgotten civilisation, dialect or spoken or written language!
These places have that nagging sensation that seems familiar with tie in's from this or that period’s, culture, God’s, historian or famous character we all know so well making Mr Reilly’s work all the more believable historically or unbelievable that they escaped the inescapable or death trap by using knowledge rather than braun. This is one of the major differences between the 2 different Matthew Reilly Series, Scarecrow & Jack West Jr & why both are so loved by the fans.
With a Scarecrow book it’s harder, tougher, faster paced usually over a short period of time with harder / tougher characters too & all around the same age.
Whereas a Jack West Jr Book has more emotion, is slightly softer, more caring characters with a diverse range in age & culture & nationality plus all the action & history u want & them some.

As an avid student & fan of history this is the classic defying aspect of Matthew’s books that continually bring me back hungry 4 more.
The fast & frantic pace of action the incredibly detailed & in-depth fully researched everything but especially with hardware, guns & ammo to the complete & complex vehicles & machines of war!
I love the way Riley’s mind works, it always gives us something different in every book & only thing missing of these books is their being turn into Blockbuster movies the fans have craved it for so long, C’mon Hollywood get your Shining Act together, The Fans have been craving this longer than a combo book!

I won this ebook from another author through a competition. I did feel guilty I choose Matt's book rather than one of her own, but she did say any book u want & I was hanging out to read this book desperately. I also borrowed the hardback from my local Library Len Beadell & this is my fair, honest & impartial review of this book.

I Rate The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly 5⭐ OUT OF 5 ⭐!
I only wish I could rate it higher!
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