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Reviewed in Australia on 3 December 2021
I love Diana's writing and this series, and loved how many different people we "heard from" and their sides of it. The expansion from just Jamie and Claire like it was in the beginning of the series has been great, although I do miss a bit their relationship, the passion and fire has made way for the drama and history, and allowing everyone else in. A touch of that is a little bitter-sweet, as its understandable to move onto that more in-depth.
I find myself thinking in the formality that they talk when I'm reading almost to speaking like it myself in reality, such is it that she draws you into her story.
Bee's is a good book, well written and well considered and one Diana should be proud of. It's easy to follow each person's story, this one made me feel that Ian has become a more integral character and I'm hoping to hear a little more of Jenny in the next instalment.
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