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Reviewed in Australia on 19 July 2021
Had high hopes for this device, but it has let me down. Quality wise this Echo device is good, the voice is good as well and I don’t have to prefix each command with OK or HEY. But my main issue is that it is USA centric. It constantly scrolls down US news, info on US movies, shows and sports but I cannot get it to be Australia based. I have ensured I have the correct location set on the device, on my AU account and on my US Amazon account but it makes no difference. I can’t set the news to my state, I can’t connect to my YouTube music account (but I can connect to Spotify and others if I paid another monthly fee). Sure I can get a 10 minute News Flash but that is all.
If Amazon want this device to be used outside of USA then they need to change these issues, so at this stage it is relegated to being glorified digital alarm clock.
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