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Reviewed in Australia on 24 November 2021
It's a 5 port Anker charger (purchased on sale for $45), but plugging in 3 iPads into the USB ports to charge them overwhelms the charger! The cables aren't the problem as they work perfectly fine on a variety of other chargers around the house. It's clearly an issue with how this charger attempts to regulate power out of the outlets. Old iPad Air2's.... hardly massive power draws.

It has FOUR USB ports and one USB-C port. With nothing plugged into the USB-C, and only 3 lightning cables plugged into any of the 4 available USB ports (it doesn't matter which), it refuses to charge the 3rd device you plug in. It rapidly turns off and on on that last port. Doesn't matter which device or which cable I use, it's always the last one plugged in.

Clearly a fault, but still very disappointing quality testing prior to sale which makes me very hesitant to purchase or receive a new Anker charger.

I'd avoid... waste of time. Amazon's return service is painless, but still a pain to have to go to post office to return a poor quality item.
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