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Reviewed in Australia on 30 October 2021
I spent a good two hours almost crying I was so angry. From all the videos I saw online you could put your own family pictures at the clockface. What they don't tell you is that the entire clockface flickers between picture changes. So for that brief 2 seconds, it's just a black screen before fading up to the next clockface.
I tried even just putting one picture in my amazon app and it STILL FLICKERS with just one image! every minute it will fade to black then come back with the same clockface it has a second ago.
There needs to be a feature where you can select slideshow mode of static mode!
I don't need my bedside clock flickering all night long. IT'S INFURIATING!
I had to settle on one of their images that don't even represent my style so it would stop the flickering.
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