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Reviewed in Australia on 5 April 2017
As an intro to Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher saga, this collection might be a bit befuddling: it's not as polished - or possibly as well -translated - as the larger novels in the series and may put off new readers or people expecting the scope of the games here. Gamers should think of this as a collection of Witcher contracts and secondary quests in story form. It meanders a bit, some things are just jarring weird and the framing story doesn't quite seem to match the others, and it all ends quite abruptly. However there is a delightfully dark and twisted fairytale element to each of the stories and Geralt remains as engaging a hero as ever. Plus some of the iconic Witcher moments - the striga contract and the titular first meeting with Yennefer among them - are well worth the read. Just remember not to judge the series as a whole on this collection, the core books (beginning with the Blood of Elves) are a rock solid fantasy saga and don't have most of the weird quirks of the writing in this one.
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