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Reviewed in Australia on 25 October 2021
Eero was a pleasure to setup and use. I had it connected to my NBN box and after switching the NBN box on and off, internet started flowing through.

The App is interesting and setup was easy. However I have had to return the router because of a few reasons.

1. The router determines if the connected device uses 5 or 2.5ghz - this is dumb because certain entertainment devices were stuck with 2.5gHz when they are capable of getting 5ghz with my previous router.

2. Android TV - Eero as far as I know has a known issue with Android smart TVs. The modem provides 2.5Ghz connection to my TCL android tv, and then for the past week for some reason I've had to reset my TV multiple times so that my tv wifi would connect to Eero. Googling this it seems there some IP address issue and if the TV has been off for a while it will not connect again to the TV and the only way would be to hard reset the TV.

3. Speeds are fine, but if you're on a standard NBN plan ie 25, 50 or 100, buying the modem for speeds is irrelevant. If you need it for the mesh capabilities it is great to reduce black spots.

4. Don't know how it is optimised for video calls, I had so many disconnections to teams when connected on this modem on my Lenovo laptop.

Easy to setup and use, but the above issues are significant enough me to not warrant using the modem.
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