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Reviewed in Australia on 1 December 2021
The product itself is the best VR I have experienced in the home. I don't think I'll play my PSVR again as this thing is just so much more immersive.
The reason I haven't given 5 stars is because of the store.
My Quest 2 was charging so I thought I would buy games on the Android phone app.
Little did I know that even though I only have the Quest 2 registered the store let's you purchase apps for other Oculus devices.
I wanted Beat Saber and purchased it.
Once I put the Quest 2 on the app wasn't there.
I had no idea what had happened since the other game I purchased in the app store was available to install.
After googling and testing thing's on the app I realised I had purchased Beat Saber for the Rift and not Quest.
I was shocked that the purchase didn't cover all Oculus products, the Rift version I bought didn't carry over to Quest app list and I had to pay for Beat Saber separately for Quest!
The app defaulting to the Rift store when I don't own a Rift is pretty bad and there was nothing during the purchase process that alerted me that I was buying the game for Rift only.

Fantastic device that I am going to play everyday! Love this thing.
Purchasing apps is a different experience and I hope they make some changes so users can clearly see what the are buying is compatible with specific devices and not all Oculus apps work on all headsets.
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