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Reviewed in Australia on 2 December 2021
"Beckett Pearce enters a room and takes command of it simply by existing."

Nina, Nina, Nina ... so close lady, so close. You baited me with Ashton Scott, hooked me with Jack Kingsley, but you missed the landing with Beckett Pearce. Even though Beckett is phenomenal, and every woman needs a man like him in her life ... Zachary King still owns that pedestal. Beckett has so many sides to him, I'm not sure which one I prefer ... Bossy Beckett? Growly Beckett? Sexy Beckett? The woman who captures this man's heart is going to need to be strong, intelligent, independent, and ready to stand up to him, no matter the consequences. Could Jenna Blaise be that woman, the one to chip away at the walls he has built around himself?

"Beckett is controlled. Focused. Disciplined. He's discreet in all things. Cold and calculated in the way he executes his moves."

Beckett is the master of his universe, in total control of everyone and everything in his life, until Jenna Blaise unexpectedly re-enters it. She is the one woman who has always been a chink in his armour ... not that she ever knew, or that he had ever admitted. She's the ex of his ex-best friend and he's always been attracted to her, unfortunately she was in the 'do not touch zone.' Now she's available. Can Beckett control his desire for her, or will he give in and go after the one woman who has never wanted anything to do with him. The one woman who hates everything about him.

Jenna Blaise is the most beautiful woman I know, and only a fraction of that beauty has to do with her looks. I'm as attracted to her unpredictability, honesty, and willingness to share herself as I am to her appearance."

From the day she met Beckett Pearce, Jenna has never thought much of him, he was too arrogant, conceited, and controlling for his own good. An unexpected meeting, and her reaction to seeing him has her completely confused ... why had she never noticed just how alphalicious he was? Jenna carries quite a few insecurites, thanks to her family and her ex. Jenna has all the strength and determination I've come to expect from Nina's women, she knew how to stand up for herself when combatting Beckett's controlling ways. Falling for Beckett Pearce was not on her radar, how was she going to deal with these feelings for him?

"What do you want to hear, Beckett?"
"I want to hear you say you want me as much as I want you. Can you give me that?"

An interview photoshoot and a million-dollar date, two things that will change the lives of Beckett and Jenna forever. Chemistry, attraction, and heat, all explosive ingredients in the relationship between Beckett and Jenna, along with understanding, forgiveness, and love. Beckett is a force to be reckoned with in every aspect of his life, and he's exactly the same when it comes to Jenna, however she's equal to the task and gives back to him as good as she receives. I enjoyed the development of their friendship/relationship, the push and pull, the banter, the arguments, the tenderness, and most definitely the heat and sexiness. They complimented each other beautifully. I loved the way they had one another's backs yet were still able to give each other room to breathe and stand alone independently. Of course, every good romance must have some drama and anguish to overcome, and Nina provides that in the form of Declan James, oh what a snake in the grass he is!!!!

" ... when I want something, nothing gets in my way or scares me off."

BECKETT PEARCE has joined my list of favourite Nina novels. With its two main characters who are fiercely independent and stubborn, yet light-hearted and vulnerable, this romance appealed to me in so many ways. I love Nina's writing, it's always strong, but allows for emotions that enable me to connect with. She has the ability to draw me in and want to read about the lives of her characters. She is also able to throw in humour amid the drama to provide moments of fun.

BECKETT PEARCE was a thoroughly enjoyable read from this crazy talented author, it just HAS TO BE READ.

Next in line is Jameson Fox, and after the brief sneak peek of him ... he's definitely a man I'm looking forward to meeting. Maybe he can move King?

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