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Reviewed in Australia on 12 August 2021
Great device, delivers what it promises straight out of the box for beginners. But that is just scratching the surface, the standard Quest 2 content for the standalone headset from the Oculus store is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dig just a bit deeper and you can connect to your PC and play high fidelity PC games (with the right Rig) using a connect cable. Want more? with the right router at home you can have a wireless PC VR gaming experience using either the free Oculus software or using third party desktop app (Virtual Desktop).

This on its own transforms your standalone VR headset into a fully featured PC VR headset capable of playing games previously available to much more expensive dedicated PC VR headset.

You can then open up the world of full PC Oculus VR gaming and Steam VR content (think Lone Echo, or Half Life Alyx) wirelessly on this little gem of a device.

But there is more ... for the brave who is willing to venture outside you can enter the world of SideQuest, opening another dimension in content, many free of charge to try.

But that is still just the beginning, for the grand masters out there you can then venture into the world of Vorpx (a third party VR injection application which you can buy) which you can set up with your PC (takes a bit of tinkering) but when it gets going you then get access to play non VR 3D content in your VR Quest 2 device as if they were VR games!!!

Try imagining playing Half Life 2, BioShock series, Halo or Titanfall 2 immersed into their environments as if they were VR games. You would still have to use a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad but the overall immersive experience is second to none.

On top of all of that every few weeks Oculus delivers another round of software enhancements and upgrades with the most recent ones adding smooth presentation and targeting productivity.

There is a long road ahead for VR, but the Quest 2 is an incredible leap. This one device can satisfy the beginners and grand masters at the same time.
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