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Reviewed in Australia on 19 October 2014
I started reading this but I found it too jumpy. The first chapter was really interesting and had me engaged straight away (though the ending was a bit sci-fi cliche). The second chapter quickly introduces a swag of new characters suddenly, with little snippets of irrelevant back story. The style is a bit clipped, and really... I don't care!! I want to read more about the Chapter 1 story and don't have the patience to make it through what seems like an (initially) boring side story about a guy walking around a ship and trying to get a date.

I think if you're going to leave readers with a cliffhanger, at least make the next story just as interesting so that it's not boring, or it's just frustrating.

Also, some people are good with lots of names but not me, so maybe don't introduce so many characters at once too.

Anyway I'm sure this is a great book but I couldn't get past Chapter 2. I'm giving it 3 stars as I didn't actually finish (or even really start).
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