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Reviewed in Australia on 15 March 2021
Wow, wow, WOW! This is one heck of a book! I am very pleased that I have a new friend in Eddie because Eddie is an amazing person.

The main takeaway I have from this book is that life is precious, be kind to everyone you meet and that friendship and family are everything.

Eddie was born in Germany in 1920 (yes, he is 100 years old) and he was a proud German. He didn't realise that being Jewish was going to be an issue until the Nazis got into power. Luckily, his father insisted that he learn a skilled trade and Eddie was brilliant with machinery of all sorts. This came in very handy later on, indeed.

As the Nazi net tightened, Eddie was swept up in it, as were his parents, his sister and his extended family. In all honesty, what this man went through, is incredible. At any point along the way, he could have died - but didn't. That he is alive today is a complete miracle; a combination of luck and inventiveness saved him. And kindness, always kindness. Eddie doesn't go into minute detail about what was done to him, but there was certainly enough detail to horrify me, and I have read widely about the Holocaust.

If I could meet Eddie, and I really hope that I do, someday, I would give him a big, gentle hug and thank him for being such a nice man and for giving me hope that people like him still exist in the world.

5 stars from me.
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