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Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2022
TRIGGER WARNING: Child Abuse and the Neurodiverse community (particularly late-diagnosis)
Please research thoroughly before reading


I yielded to the hype. I heard "pace, thriller, insane twists" and I thought it was true - I wont listen to the masses again.
I am the wrong audience for this book in many ways. Romance is not my bag; I also took at face value the 'thriller and 'mystery' tags and I shouldn't have.
Even removing those personal preferences from my review - this is still 'meh' at best.

The storyline had enough pace but the plot felt seriously underdeveloped and the writing quality was very Y.A except for the scenes where she talks you though a seeming unrelenting amount of bl*wjobs and while I fine with reading about sex when it works in to the story line - I guess i'm self-aware enough to not be turned on by trauma-bond sex.
I didn't realise I was reading the (exposition only) twist because I spent the entire novel waiting for the author to get to the bit where ..... *twist ending* happened.

I guess I was expecting more depth- somewhere, anywhere! Or at least for things to not to be so obvious. To me this is soft core porn, mystery written like a teen drama.
2 stars
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