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Reviewed in Australia on 25 January 2019
I have been a HP fan for years now. My physical copies of the books look somewhat tired given the amount of use I get out of them. Even after all this time, I still find myself rereading the books over and over again. Sometimes, when I am out and about, I have this itching feeling to read a particular paragraph or book etc. So, I went ahead and purchased this e-book which is the complete collection of the series.
I find this e-book an absolute necessity to HP fans like me who 1. rereads the books and 2. travel and commute a lot. You can have all 7 books at the tip of your fingers. With all 7 books you will never have to worry about whether that one book will sustain you for your entire trip when you're say, travelling. With this one, there's plenty to keep you occupied!
For those who are yet to join the fandom, please do read the series. I believe it's not overrated and that there's a reason behind the massive fandom.
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