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Reviewed in Australia on 30 November 2021
I bought this device hoping to make my old TV smart. Specifically, I want to watch Prime TV and access all the popular Australian TV streaming apps (i.e. 9Now, 7+, 10 Play, ABC iview and SBS on demand). After much difficulties and online research, I was able to install all but the 7+ app.

The issue I had was that the device thought I was in the US even though I followed the onscreen instruction (using Australian English as the language and Time Zone set to AEDT) and login with my Australian Amazon account. The Amazon Prime app was there but the Australian free-to-air TV apps but none appear in the search. The Location setting (under Preferences) had a 5 digit US zip code (where I used to live and first use Amazon Prime). I tried changing to the 4 digit Australian post code but it did not allow me to.

After many different attempts, I finally got most of the desired apps. Definitely not straight forward.
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