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Reviewed in Australia on 8 February 2021
Improves the comfort of the Quest 2 by balancing it out. Sits much better on your noggin and is far easier to adjust and get on and off. The added battery life is great and also helps this balancing act.

This is the fit that you should ideally get out of the box with the Quest 2. It is an expensive addition but unfortunately I find it necessary. It just shouldn't cost this much.

The case is ok. The zipper tie is a joke and I can see it breaking off, making it extremely difficult to open/close the recessed zip. Case is nice and sturdy and the controllers fit in well too.

I also feel that fitting the Quest 2 in the case with the glasses spacer attached makes it too tight on the facial interface material where it rubs up against the plastic partition for the controllers. This means I don't use the case for day to day storage but would use it for travel.

Shipping time on this was abysmal.
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