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Reviewed in Australia on 9 July 2021
While it is a good hub for the budget price it would have been useful to have better information about what power supply would go well with it (it has a socket to supplement the power but no specs on it). Turns out it was good that I bought two of these hubs because a 6 volt supply I had left over from an old hub I used to have was too much for these ones. Lasted about 30 seconds with that and two 2.5' external hard drives plugged in before the chip blew but the other hub is working well for less heavy duty applications (as a light load MIDI signal junction). The power buttons on each port are a nice touch but they are fragile as well but at the price that's to be expected. Worked with a 4.5V supply but since a puny 6V 1000mA was too much for it I'm not trusting even that now.
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