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Reviewed in Australia on 1 August 2019
This is the best book ever.This the best one in the series.This book tops everything it is also the last bok in the series if you don't count the cursed child.I like for these reasons…1 It's got detail and description.2 The daring plans Harry,Ron and Hermione make in the book.3 The amount of effort J.K Rowling makes in this makes impossible not to at least like it enough that you read the whole book.4 The way she wrote the story made long,interesting and good to read.5 The hunt for the Horcruxs made it exciting and scary sometimes especially when they got took to Malfoy Manor I thought they were going to die.6 When Harry turned up at Hogwarts the delight from the Gryffindor's was awesome but soon descended in worry of what they were going to do.7 The battle of Hogwarts,that was scary I personal thought he was going to be killed for sure but then he faked his own death and stood up to Voldemort.Now I won't tell you what happens next because it will spoil it but there are my reasons.I recommend this for 9+ because a lot of people die and there the B word once in it.Hope you enjoyed the review and remember to read this book!!!
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