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Reviewed in Australia on 30 December 2020
At first this feels comfortable compared to the quest 1 and it doesn't want to slide off your face. That's because it is crushing your face and after about 20 minutes- 30 minutes of ACTIVE play everyone I know has had a headache (or faceache) and finds it hard to play any longer. Most reviewers online say the elite strap with the batter pack solves this completely with the battery pack's counterweight being a perfect 2 in 1 whilst extending gameplay time. Unforuntately at the time of writing this review Oculus/Facebook were hoarding all supplies of the elite strap plus battery for their US customers only leaving us, down here in OZ, without any consideration. I hear some of the third party solutions work well and the elite strap (without batter pack) MAY do the job but the overwhelming advice online has been to get the battery pack version. I haven't seen reviews of the third party offering but they usually fill the gaps Oculus ignores (like silicon face covers which are an absolute necessity - don't even play until you get one ordered in - the $20 ones you see on amazon AU are just fie.

Otherwise it seems pretty snappy (pardon the pun) with the newer spapdragon CPU and the higher resolution is a tradeoff for the dynamics of the Quest 1. (I prefer the Quest 1 because the colour simply look better but higher resolution games may change my mind when they start coming out properly instead of being hacked together or upscaled. The battery lives of the controllers are... miraculously improved. I do not like the very slight change in design of the controllers themselves (slightly heavier with more girth) but that may simply be what I'm used to. So while this is a very, very good, top quality VR Headset for the price they've managed that price by skimping on some basic stuff (like pure sweat-soaking face cushion by default and a cheaper strapping mechanism.

All that said - some people claim to prefer the shipped strap proving, as usual, that you cannot make a universal fit for every head type out there. As for the tech - like the Quest 1 this is a VR gamechanger in that it brings the tech to the masses WITHOUT tether and it's potential for fitness and wellbeing, never mind gaming, is a milestone in tech that we'll look back on in 5-10 years and realise just how much of a lifechanger this device can be for many people. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is because I think they skimped on a few things to get the price down and I find that facebook completely swallowing Oculus and requiring you to register you headset to your facebook account a little too much. It's not anything that other companies wouldn't do but other companies aren't the ubiquitous facebook.

TLDR; Buy this thing. Couple of shortcomings but best bang for buck on the market for far and complete untethered VR Joy. This tech changed my life in terms of wellbeing and fitness. It could do the same for many others.
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