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Reviewed in Australia on 20 January 2019
And then, the action started. The Four Legendary Kingdoms are in turmoil. The world is doomed, unless Jack West Jr and his friends can save it. It’s simple, really, all they must do is find the three ancient weapons in three secret cities, complete a series of ancient puzzles within seven days and the world will be saved. One problem is that he first must identify the location of the three cities, another problem is that quite a few people are after Jack West. They want him dead.

So, what will Jack and his team do? Well, there’s plenty of travel, lots of danger to overcome and some incredible escapes.

This is the fifth book in the Jack West Jr series, and I love the adrenaline-filled action. Pure escapism for me, totally unrealistic but loads of fun. Mostly. I’ve become attached to a few of the characters along the way, and they don’t all make it to the end. Those who do make it seem blessed with superhuman powers: how else could they recover so quickly and fight so effectively?

This is a series where the reading order of the books is important. I’m now looking forward to the next instalment.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith
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