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Reviewed in Australia on 23 November 2017
5 Stars
Let me just start by saying that this book had me hooked right from the start. It was such a great but emotional read!

Asher is drawn to Briar, even though he knows he shouldn't be. He shouldn't be because, One....being the difference in age and another being that he thinks he is too screwed up to have her. Also she is his best friends little sister!
Briar has been infatuated with Asher since forever! Even though she knew he was a troubled soul, she wanted him like nothing else. Then one day he just disappears, only to turn up 3 years later even more cruel than before. They are drawn to each other even more than they were before, so what will happen?

Briar is a loveable character who will do anything for her family and friends, she wears her heart on her sleeve. Asher is fighting my current book boyfriend for the number one title (sorry Vicious). They are followed closely by Dare, I hope I get to read his story soon! Anyway, Asher is dark and brooding, but also a total sweetheart! I just love him! The characters together have undeniable chemistry.
This book made me cry....full on cry actually! But that's ok because I absolutely love reading a book that can pull those kind of emotions from me! I just loved this story and I think you will too!
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