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Reviewed in Australia on 28 August 2021
I bought this one after playing the remake of the first ratchet & clank. I had a blast playing this one so I figured I should have a blast playing the one on ps5! But I was overall disappointed by the experience.

Some of the stuff that put me off:
- Story is nice but very simple, with some twists serving more as an excuse to the gameplay than really enhancing the plot. I ended up enjoying the original more on that point

- The game was plagued with bugs. Sometimes the voice lines don't work and only one of the characters in the convo is talking (really annoying). Small video presentation of weapons not launching. Worst one was the start of last level, where I just fell through the floor on arrival and I had to restart the whole game and load a previous save to land properly -> shit experience

- The whole end game doesn't bring much value and is pretty much useless. Challenge mode is just the same as regular, except for the monsters with higher damage and life. Leveling up weapon from 5 to 10 brings close to nothing, you unlock all the upgrades when getting the omega version (don't have to wait for lvl 10 to fully upgrade it). the grind is real and you don't really feel a lot more powerfull with lvl 10 compare to lvl 6.

- If you like a challenge with trophies (like me), you'll be disappointed, everything can be done in the easiest mode in one standard game (except for 2 weapons that can only get at the very beginning). Day and night with the trophies for the remake I played before.

- Something that really annoyed me where some voice line playing between character repeatedly out of context. Even if you moved on with the story, the chars will still played that same voiceline (like leaving the bar after some farm to purchase weapon/upgrade triggering the same voiceline over and over again).

Overall, disappointed. Good graphics don't compensate for the off experience caused by the above. I'm not sure how this game received such appraisal on release...
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