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Reviewed in Australia on 24 July 2021
My Echo Show 8 2nd Generation stopped working after only one month when the device froze on the last background nature scene. An upgrade from Amazon fixed the problem and my Echo Shoe 8 2nd Generation is now working fine.

Amazon's Alexa assistant and Amazon Music work together beautifully, and are far superior to anything Google provides with its Nest Hubs. I have two 7-inch Google Nest Hubs for their lovely pictures and the clock time but they are hopeless when it comes to convenience when playing music on request.

I bought the Apple Homepod Mini to play classical music from Idagio and it is a complete dud because it only works with Apple's more recent operating systems. My Mac OS "Sierra" system is dated 2017, and will not work with Apple's Homepod Mini. I cannot upgrade my Mac OS because I will lose applications that I need. I might as well throw the Apple product in the trash bin. Still on this point, I should mention that Amazon's Alexa is a far better assistant than Apple's Siri.

I strongly recommend the Amazon Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 2nd Generation if music playing on request, popular or classical, is important. These Amazon products are far superior in functionality to anything offered by Google or Apple.
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