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Reviewed in Australia on 27 May 2022
This is a MUST READ book as it exposes everything that Dr Fauci has lied about and mislead the world in concern of Covid Alarmism. Trillions of dollars have been spent by nations on trying to 'prevent' the spread of this new SARS virus and the so called 'vaccines'. Dr Fauci has been the major figure with WHO and the EU in his alarmist rhetoric that has scared and forced nations into crippling economic lockdowns and medical apartheid on those unwilling to take experimental mRNA Gene Therapeutics. I am sickened and shocked at the global draconian totalitarian governments attitude to our Health and our Freedom of choice. Afterall no more people have died from Covid since its outbreak in Dec 2019 till 2022 than have died annually from respiratory related diseases? This is not a plague - it barely even rates as a pandemic - afterall more people die annually from Sepsis!! People need to read this brilliant work by Bobby Kennedy and WAKE UP to the real economic agenda behind this covid alarmism...
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