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Reviewed in Australia on 27 April 2021
Beware of this vendor!

I was extremely careful to make sure the pictures of this keyboard matched the USA style keyboard I wanted, as I had read many reviews warning people from getting a style they are not used to.

The International style is literally impossible to use if you are a touch-typist and are used to a USA layout, as the left shift key is in the wrong spot. Even with practice it is impossible.

This ad did not specify which layout, so I made sure all the pictures were correct, and ordered.

Upon receiving the wrong keyboard, they would not credit me the $189 until I shipped it back to ENGLAND!! for $67 and were only going to pay half of the shipping. (I had ordered this from (Australia).

I had to make several calls to Amazon and escalate to a manager before they agreed to reimburse me earlier (I had to send photos of the shipping label when I mailed it).

In addition to this, the original order was delayed despite paying a large amount for priority shipping. The tracking showed it wasn't even dispatched for over two weeks, until multiple phone calls and emails to the vendor ( got it going again.

Having tried to use it and get used to the layout for a week, I also didn't see anything worth spending that much money on a keyboard again. I am now more than happy with my Logitech K850 at half the price.
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