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Reviewed in Australia on 7 December 2019
I happen to like White Knight stories, especially if they're about Jack Reacher. Not that he sets out to be one, but invariably he seems to fall into the role. Child's writing has steadily improved since his first book (which I didn't particularly like) to the degree that I'm eagerly looking forward to each new book. Reacher, however, appears to be evolving in a direction that I don't really care for. More Punisher than White Knight. His moral compass seems to be shifting left of centre quite markedly. Given the number of people he personally slew in this book he exhibits no signs of emotional trauma whatsoever. Not healthy and makes me wonder where he's heading. Hopefully Lee Child can right Reacher's moral compass and prevent him from becoming just another implacable killing machine.

Overall, however, this is another very good tale and is well worth reading.
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