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Reviewed in Australia on 25 September 2021
2.5 stars rounded up
Apples Never Fall is the latest standalone book by Liane Moriarty. This is my second book by this author, the first being Nine Perfect Strangers.

The story follows the Delaney family, Joy and Stan and their 4 adult children, Amy, Troy, Brooke and Logan. The story revolves around the mystery of Joy Delaney's disappearance. What really happened to Joy and is it somehow tied to the young women who showed up one night claiming she is fleeing from an abusive partner.

While the mystery of Joy's disappearance is part of the story, dont go in expecting a thrilling mystery novel. At the heart of this story is a family and the relationships, expectations and complexities of life. The characters are rich, interesting and believable. I particularly liked the character of Joy. Her voice felt unique, fun and I felt invested in finding out what happened to her.

The story is told in third person and focuses on all of the characters  This gives insight into each person and their lives. Overall the tone of the book was light-hearted, quirky and humorous.

The downside of this for me was the pace and end. Ultimately I expected more and kept waiting for something significant to happen. I found it quite slow at times and overly detailed, focusing on things which I felt didn't add much overall (e.g. one of the characters migraines). This story very much was heavily focused on character development. There was one interesting twist but I felt it came a bit too early on in the story. Overall I felt let down and disappointed by the ending. I expected something more than that after the build up for the whole book.

The author delivered a complex, and character driven story about life, ambition and family. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys family dramas or general fiction set in modern day present time. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it either. It was just okay for me. Ultimately it just wasn't for me, I'd have enjoyed a more fast paced mystery with a different resolution.
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