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Reviewed in Australia on 28 November 2021
Holly smokes what did i just read omg this book was totally off the charts HOT!!!!

There were Sparks, humour, heat and angst in this story. Beckett is one hot bossy alpha, but Jenna is a woman who stands up to him, puts him in his place and pushes him to be a better person than he already is. Jenna had always thought Beckett was not a very nice person but the day Tilly had her styling him for a shoot was the day that all changed.

Beckett had always had a thing for Jenna even when his ex best mate started dating her. The moment he had his chance to pounce into action and make her his he did it when force. He loved their discussions and her "notes, he also adored sharing desert with her.

This book is a standalone but in a series of some HOT alpha's if you havent read Ashton Scott or Jack kingsley its a Must!!! Im sooooo excited to read Jameson Fox which is the next book 😍😍😍😍
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