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Reviewed in Australia on 9 May 2021

1. Played Rainbow Six Siege with this headset. I could hear ash's footsteps from halfway across the map and could tell exactly where it was coming from. 10/10 for soundwhoring.

2. On control panel audio devices, you should click properties for this headset and set the frequency in 'advanced' to the max because it isn't maxed by default. It improves sound quality and crispness a lot.


1. It's very tight and creates this kind of suction when you put it on, which feels like when you're driving to a high mountain top and your ears start getting blocked. It's not really that uncomfortable, to be honest as you eventually forget it's there.

2. The firmware updater will tell you the latest version is 0010, and that you have the newer version 0030. This is not true, Hyper X admitted that it was a mistake and that 0010 is actually the latest version. So please go to the website, download the latest firmware update even if it tells you that you're downgrading to an older version.

On PS4 it might not work until you update the firmware :)

3. Virtual 7.1 surround sound is both a pro and a con. For gaming, it's terrible and messes up the directional audio because it emulates and duplicates directional audio that most games already have. But when listening to some music, it can sound really good.
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