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Reviewed in Australia on 5 February 2021
I previously had an anti fatigue mat that was just the raw rubber material all around, including the part you stand on. This one has a sort of nylon covering over the rubber and it isn't very nice to stand on. It is a little slippery when standing in socks. In bare feet it is unpleasant as you stick to it a bit (think old nylon car seats on bare skin!). The nylon covering also retains creases, including what look to be permanent creases from being folded during shipping.

In comparison, I much preferred the feel of just the raw rubber mat (which I purchased from another online retailer starting with a K and rhyming with 'bogan’). It was not slippery in socks. It did not feel unpleasant in bare feet (it was a memory foam rubber that yielded pleasantly to your weight). And it did not retain creases.

Overall disappointed in this product. Will be buying another of the one I had previously and returning this.
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