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Reviewed in Australia on 16 April 2021
I hate bulky phone holders, and this one is certainly NOT bulky. It's easy to install and simple to mount and dismount my phone. After a few days of using it, it feels reasonably sturdy. The actual vent mount is a little different than what is shown in the photos, but is better than the photos in my opinion.
I used to have a magnetic holder, which was simpler to use, but I didn't like having to always purchase a compatible case from the same manufacturer (their cases kinda sucked).

The only three downsides to this holder is (1) the side braces slightly cover the volume & power button on my iPhone 8, (2) it can't holder a phone in landscape mode (which maybe is a good thing, as I shouldn't be watching videos while driving anyway), and (3) after buying a second one for my wife's car, it doesn't mount very well on her vents. Her whole vent pivots up and down as a single unit, so the weight of the phone causes it to fall forwards. Whereas, my car's vent is fixed in place, with just the vent blades pivoting individually, so it stays in place.

Would I still buy it knowing what I know now? Only for my car's type of air vents.
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