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Reviewed in Australia on 22 November 2021
I cried - a lot!
The book starts with Then - Georgina’s school years and a secret romance.
Now - a number of years later, and we learn that her dad passed away during her first year at uni and now she feels stuck working in an awful restaurant in Sheffield. Then she gets fired and catches her boyfriend cheating, all in the same evening!
She gets offered a new job that she loves and can’t believe her luck, that is until the boss turns out to be the boy that broke her heart all those years ago, yet he doesn’t seem to remember her at all!
As the story unfolds we learn the secrets that she didn’t even tell her therapist and how these have impacted on her life and confidence ever since.
Although in some ways this was a typical romance, I found it quite sad. The story of her father’s death was a little too close to home maybe, but I also felt upset by how she is treated in general.
It was a speedy read and overall I enjoyed it. I did feel at the beginning that there was some complicated words being shoe-horned in unnecessarily. Some of these were called out, but much as I love learning new words, when I had to look up a few within the first few pages it nearly put me off.
I’m happy I persisted and overall I felt that Georgina was a likeable character who I empathised with and believed in.
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