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Reviewed in Australia on 15 October 2020
Though Sound and Microphone quality are fine, design and assembly introduce some real head-scratchers (what you have to do after ripping the set off when your pain threshold is exceeded).
To be exceedingly fair, this set may be OK for someone with a small head and ears, like children. Straight out of the packet, the design has the earpads clamped together by the arc of spring steel. This means the wider they are forced apart, the greater the force clamping down on your skull. So, the bigger your head, the more pressure. Short of taking the risk of bending parts of the frame out of shape to relieve the pressure (voiding warranty, I am sure), you are stuck with it.
To add insult to injury, the next problem is that much of this pressure bears down on your ears, not your head. Unfortunately, as elegant as an oval looks in design terms, the ear is NOT oval shaped! (unless you are a Vulcan...) So, again, unless you have very small ears, the cups will be squeezing your ears into your brain (or so it feels after a long session).
To try to alleviate the discomfort, I swapped the faux leather pads for the supplied cloth alternates. What a design joke. It took half an hour of pulling and squeezing to get it done. The genius designer did not just specify a stretch rubber-type retainer that slips over the frame, but, critically, a very narrow channel, about the thickness of a finger nail, that it must slip into. This made the job of simultaneously stretching and controlling the retainer, while trying to get it to slip into its narrow resting place a real nightmare.
These headphones were three times the price of my last ones (from a different maker) that I could wear with no issues for hours (sometimes forgetting I had them on). These new ones are immediately mildly uncomfortable, rising to extremely uncomfortable after an hour or so. My old ones lasted me the better part of a decade. I cannot imagine that I will tolerate these for long. Sometimes, even a friend's recommendation is not a reliable review. (I am too polite to tell him what I think, but as I have said nothing about them, I suspect he knows.....)
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