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Reviewed in Australia on 6 December 2020
I got these purely for zoom meetings for work. I just wanted a headset with a mic that didn't look too much like a hardcore gaming headset. I got them during the black friday sale, so for the price I paid these were perfect.

My colleagues say my voice is crystal clear. The sound is fine for meetings. It's not as comfy as my pair of Bose QC35s, I feel the quality of the ead pads aren't as soft, but for the price it's still amazing.

One thing to consider is the mic is a bendable arm so you can't just swivel the mic away entirely like other headsets. This wasn't really an issue for me as having the mic arm always there didn't bother me and I didn't really notice it, it's pretty thin. In fact for me it was a feature because my voice was a bit loud (even though I dialled it down in the software settings) and I fixed it by moving the mic slightly further away from my mouth. If the mic arm was fixed I couldn't have done this, so it was a lucky feature for me.
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