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Reviewed in Australia on 1 April 2021
I'm yet to met a Collen Hoover book I haven't bonded with. If like me you're a bit of a CoHo fan you'll need to be aware her 2020 title <b> Layla</b> is a blend of tried and true and a departure from her normal fare. Tried and true because it's definitely a romance. With more than twenty novels and novellas to her name, most of which fall into the Romance genre, she has really perfected that art. Her 2018 novel Verity saw her try her hand (most successfully in my opinion) at the Psychological Thriller genre and she's used what she learnt there to great effect in Layla. Not only that but this time round she's dipped her toes into the Paranormal genre. Perhaps that all sounds a bit much but honestly the results were terrific. I couldn't turn the pages quick enough.

This romance was between Leeds and Layla. They met when he played in the band at her sisters wedding and from night one they were off the scales compatible. Their relationship progressed rapidly each believing they were soul mates. Following a tragic event which saw Layla fighting for life, her physical and mental well being were drastically impacted. Suffering anxiety attacks and amnesia Layla was no longer the girl he'd fallen in love with.

As Colleen Hoovers story unfolded I was putty in her hands. One moment I was falling for Leeds thinking he's adorable in the way he loves Layla and cares for her, so protective. Then in the very next chapter I'd be questioning his morals, thinking he's a cheater, or worse - abusive and completely using Layla. But then he'd be sweet and I'd be convinced he couldn't be a bad guy. Combining the twists, which were cause for some anxious moments, with the Romance to offset these was clever. Throwing in the Paranormal element took it to a whole other level which to my very great surprise worked well.

You'll know from my words whether this is one you might like to try or whether you should steer clear of it. Ghost stories and the paranormal are not my usual fare but in Collen Hoovers hands I was quite easily converted and thoroughly enjoyed the story.
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