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Reviewed in Australia on 28 June 2021
Originally I thought this was the US/ANSI version of this keyboard to replace exactly one I already have. After research I found even European users prefer that version over the Euro/ISO keyboard, so I guess it is not too surprising being able to get this one at a discount online - I just had not expected it (nor even to look out for that).

As it turns out, this is no big deal as I am typically using a variety of keyboards in my work, so adjusting muscle memory to account for a slightly different style is no big deal for me (e.g. smaller left shift, tilde/backtick key at bottom left, smaller enter key and some other punctuation keys in different spots), but beware if you are not used to this style of keyboard you had best stay clear.

Otherwise I'm a big fan of this line of keyboard. Battery life is a lot shorter than most other bluetooth keyboards I have used so I typically run it always plugged in via usb-c.
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