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Reviewed in Australia on 16 November 2020
only 2 out of 10 worked when click to go live, most of the time it takes forever. The wifi RSSI signal strength always around 62 or 61.
No way to turn off the "O" ring LED light during the night when hardwired, which will attract attention.

come back to edit my above original review about this doorbell. Spoke to Luis from Ring, he helped me found out the reason is my current router, Ubiquiti UDM. it worked on a different router. To find out doorbell or router issue, connect the doorbell to your phone 3G/4G hotspot if makes any difference.
Really good customer service from Luis. thanks!
have spent lots of time trying to make the ring doorbell work with the UDM router, still have not found any solution, really frustrated those two common brands, Ring and Ubiquiti in the USA have the compatibility issue.
Changed my doorbell review from 2 stars to 4 stars.
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