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Reviewed in Australia on 23 December 2021
A great start to a new series in the Ruthless Kings MC. I'm hopeful as this chapter grows we will see some other Ruthless Kings pop in.

K. L. Savage writes MC romance really well. The stories are original and different from other MC's I have read. Don't get me wrong there are alpha males, feisty females, and a lot of trouble and danger. I just feel like these stories aren't ones I have read before, so while there are plenty of similarities to other MC series I find these ones really enjoyable.

This is a quick read where we meet the Triplets from the LA Grange Chapter. They are currently in Miami living away from the club because despite her abilities and that she deserves it the club won't recognize Eden as a member. So they left to start their own life.

One night leads to Eden meeting Savage, it's one night of passion in an alley but it's something Eden has never felt before. When the triplets are called home to their sick father they leave immediately. Eden is ready to fight for her spot and the club because in her father's unwell state the club is failing. The only problem is she can't forget about Savage, even when she tries to move forward with Chief.

But her love life is the least of her problems. The club is toxic and the members are being blackmailed by the VP. The triplets will have to figure out what the hell is going on in the club and Eden will have to continue to fight for her right to be President.

Happy Reading
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