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Reviewed in Australia on 27 October 2021
Gossips, busybodies and scandalmongers ... gather ’round! Have you heard what’s going on with the Astons? Not only is patriarch Stephen Aston engaged to marry a woman who is younger than his daughters, but the rest of the family seem to be falling apart at the seams as well!

It is in this somewhat light-hearted vein that I took a drink and my copy of THE YOUNGER WIFE and sat outside in the wonderful sunshine (at least in my neighbourhood) to read from cover to cover this highly entertaining story.

It was a pleasure to read this book. Reading about each character’s idiosyncrasies and their reactions as personal and family secrets are revealed kept me engaged from start to finish. The chapters, told from various characters’ points of view, allowed us to gain insight into things that happen and also see how they might look differently to others.

This book does tackle serious issues including domestic violence, sexual assault, food addiction and, dementia just to name a few. If I had picked this book up on a day I was in a more serious frame of mind, I might have struggled with the way in which some of these issues were handled. Having said that, I think the book well encapsulates the helplessness and loss of control by characters; I was easily able to empathise with them.

Hepworth’s breezy writing style, a good number of twists and interesting characters makes THE YOUNGER WIFE a diverting read.
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