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Reviewed in Australia on 17 April 2022
Let me start by saying my 15 yr old daughter recommended this book to me. As a mother of two daughters I’ve spent their whole lives so far being very open and honest with them both about all things in life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I find it important to teach my girls about all things in life and not just the good stuff. We talk about relationships, friends, partners, sex, drugs, alcohol, love, money, school, banking, mortgages, the works. Anything and everything you can think of. My eldest daughter loves to read so when I come across a book that I feel shows the uglier sides of life, written in a way the is relatable to normally recommend for her to read it. It has become a good opening to conversations. So when she recommended I read this book. I brought it without thinking. She didn’t tell me what it was about, but it has now become a talking point for us.

Your authors note was just about as heart breaking as the story. I’m with you when you said you wanting to delete and start again. That you fell in love with Ryle. It was heartbreaking so read what he was doing. I felt the pain for both of them. But I think you were right in writing their story the way you did. The more these things are talked about, the more someone who hasn’t been in that position and start to understand, the more help there will be from normal everyday friends and family for people who end up in Lily’s position. And hopefully over time we can all help to break the cycle of things like this.

Thank you for your words, for helping to be a conversation starter.
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