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Reviewed in Australia on 30 August 2019
While the quality of gaming sound in my ears is probably pretty good and the mic clarity is good, The CONS (negatives, down-sides) OUT-WAY these PROS!
1. The detachable mic feature. I thought this would be a WONDERFUL feature, since i hate the mic being there when I'm not using it! The 1st time I detached it and re-attached it, I noticed it was already looser!!! <-- this is terrible! I've seen seen many complaints that they fall off and get looser over time!.
2. With a CHEAPER headset (by LG)... about half the price, I never had problems with the volume that I couldn't fix but with this one, there seems to be no SETTINGS to change it - there aren't even Windows mic settings for volume when it's the default mic item! This is AWFUL for recording video of gaming! <I had to do a work-around where i reduce all game sounds and reduce volume of GAME 'recording' while maxing out the volume of MIc recording at the recording sfotware end (NVidia/Geforce Experience aka Shadowplay)....VERY frustrating
3. The STUPID, POINTLESS dongle along the cord for headset Volume control (why do I need this??), gets snagged then rips apart, has a pointless 7.1Surround button, which i often find OFF (again, WHY have this option there) and a Mic volume which when i start a new game and ask other players, find that it's increasing my volume....I.e. My mic volume wasn't at Max for some reason...?...
^ This is all the opposite of what you want in a gaming headset and certainly not what I expected in a headset TWICE as expensive as the LG one I was using that DIDN'T HAVE THESE PROBLEMS!
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