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Reviewed in Australia on 15 October 2019
A twisty abduction mystery that was just a bit too unrealistic, both in characters and plot. New mother Meghan hosts a dinner party with her husband Jon for four friends. During the dinner party she seemingly forgets to lock the front door and her seven month old baby Harry is taken. Meghan was believable at first but her behaviour became quite odd throughout the investigation. Who goes out for lunch a few hours before a press conference about your missing child? Jon was also irritating. At first I thought he blamed Meghan and was simply mourning but his erratic behaviour was revealed to be even more disturbing. I definitely didn't see that coming despite the signs.
More than half way through I still had no idea what happened to baby Harry. There were a few obvious choices and I was hoping the author wouldn't go that way. Thankfully, the kidnapper was a surprise but the ending was ridiculous. Overall, the story was well written (sans the terrible finale) but the characters were all heinous.
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