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Reviewed in Australia on 19 November 2015
Colleen Hoover was born to write! When you embark on a reading journey of which Colleen is the author you know it can only be one of greatness! Each of her stories and characters are unique. You become invested in it, always feeling like you are right there with the characters and you are captivated by each word from start to finish. We are sure we’ve all said it before “I feel like I am standing next to these characters living their lives.” Feeling as though their journey is real. November 9 comes marked with that stamp. CoHo books are beyond amazing.
Get ready for the feels, all the feels…

We both read this book in one sitting, we could not put it down. To say we experienced the “feels” is an understatement, our emotions have been put through a manic spin cycle. Be prepared, your thoughts will be held in a tug of war. You will be angry, sad, swooning, happy, giggling by the end your heart will be ready to burst and may break and then be healed again.
The twist and the secrets, oh my god!

Fallon and Ben are two beautiful characters who meet and have an instant connection, November 9 has a meaning for both of them separately and even more so together. The weight of their problems directs the intensity of the book. You can feel every struggle and how heavy their troubles lay on them.

As the years progress so do the lives of Fallon and Ben. The snippets and insights we get from both characters are just enough to keep you on your toes wondering how Colleen is going to connect their dots. To say we were shocked with where the book took us is an understatement. At one point I (Kayla) remember thinking this is some twisted work CoHo.

November 9 is one of those books for us where we couldn't write a review the way we normally do without giving away too much. You might want to make room in the freezer for your kindle or paperback so you can gather your thoughts. You will not be disappointed, you will be left wanting more!
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