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Reviewed in Australia on 6 June 2020
Stephanie has been left alone by her parents, but they return and find supernatural events occurring, centred on Stephanie.

This is more a science fiction themed film instead of the supernatural horror you might be expecting. The first third of the film is spent watching Stephanie in her solitary world, but very little is really happening. This makes for a rather plodding 30 minutes of watching a child alone. Once the parents arrive the film takes on a different tone, gradually dropping clues as to what had and is now happening and exploring the parent's issues and why they left Stephanie alone. By the beginning of the final third of the film the viewer is given much of the explanation as to what is going on but there are really big questions about how and why that are just not answered. And for me, these questions being explored would have made for a far more interesting view than what the filmmakers actually delivered. I suspect they thought that what they were doing was intriguing and possibly original but there just isn't enough going on to sustain viewer interest. It's disappointing, as the casting is good and the ideas had promise.
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4.2 out of 5
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