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Reviewed in Australia on 28 April 2021
The birth of Silence Jones! Jake Rowe, a police officer of just a few months, is undercover as Pete Hudson in a mobster gang when he falls for the daughter of the gang leader, Cecilia or CC, and she for him. Part of the gang is planning a breakaway from the mob and the architect of this, brutally arranges the murder of Cecilia and almost kills Jake Rowe, when he commences to kill all eight gang members that were involved in the torture and murder of his love. In steps a shadowy character known as The Falcon who is a senior figure in a shadowy group known as The Watchers. The Falcon recruits Jake to the vigilante group and he becomes known as Silence Jones, largely because of the injuries caused to his throat, when captured and tortured by the surviving members of the gang, while attempting to take all survivors down in one hit.

This is an intriguing story that takes the reader back to the mob breakdown and the murder of the mob leader’s daughter and then to the present day when the born again Silence Jones is cleaning up the remnants of those that tortured and murdered his love. There are also a couple of clashes where Silence defends his blind neighbour from local thugs that try to intimidate her. We also read of the training Silence goes through after The Falcon has Silence worked on by a plastic surgeon following the brutal beating he has received at the hands of the surviving gang members, together with numerous flash backs to better times when Jake Rowe and his girl were madly in love.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, with plenty of action and therefore becomes is difficult to put down.

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