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Reviewed in Australia on 16 May 2022
Five reasons why I gave up and wouldn't recommend to anyone who is serious about having a Smart Home:

1. Extremely poor widgets - the calendar for instance is terrible (you can only have access to what's on the day if you click on the actual day so you don't have any visibility on the rest of the week or month and the widget doesn't allow you to customize). The smart home widget is also appalling not allowing you to customise access to your lights (rooms, etc). The Spotify widget is also a let down as you can't even search for new music!

2. It's an entire odissey trying to link Alexa with cameras (even with Ring which is meant to be from the same company!) And once you link them and ask Alexa to access Ring, Eufy or Cubo AI cameras 50% of the times it takes Alexa 20 seconds to open the camera (we have full speed network so no excuses) and 50% Alexa wouldn't even react or respond when asked.

3. It's heavy, it's bulky and it cant go on the fridge. This is certainly a device foe those with a HUGE kitchen, but in a smart home environment where you want your house to look slick, this definitely won't be helpful. I thought I could hang it on the fridge but it is so heavy that you can't do it. It could have saved me $5,000 of buying a Samsung Smart Fridge!

4. You can't customize the Home Screen! So you end up always having 40% of the real estate with a clock, photos and unnecessary suggestions which are not even helpful or personalised. Who wants to have information rolling up in their screen?! I want to customize it myself and I can't. Terrible.

5. No access to Fire TV (or even to the TV or YouTube). I thought it could be a good idea to use this to play some videos to my kids while they are eating or to keep them entertained while we have guests and instead of taking them to the TV room having them with us. But I soon realised it's a waste of time again as there's no easy access to any video content from video apps.
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