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Reviewed in Australia on 19 January 2022
We have indoor house rabbits that shed hair like crazy and I am a hay fever sufferer. The unit is quiet and effective. The air is noticeably cleaner and I am not waking up with blocked sinuses anymore.
We just leave it on auto mode and it responds instantly to change in the air. We have it positioned near where the rabbits tend to hang out and when we clean the area daily the unit responds instantly by cranking up the fan speed until the air again clears. Had it for a week now and very impressed so far. UPDATE 1 month later: The unit is fantastic for removing household odours. The rabbit litters don't smell anymore and as soon as the unit catches the smell of burnt toast or cooking it responds quickly, ups the boost and sucks the air clean. Smell is gone in no time. AWESOME PRODUCT! UPDATE: MONTHS LATER: Best product ever! Haven't used my sinus spray since having this unit. Quiet and intuitive. Super easy maintenance (wiping the exterior and the occasional vacuum of the exterior of the HEPA filter). I received an air quality alert on my phone the other day indicating that the unit was running at maximum speed with terrible air quality which was unusual. I went to check and someone had left a frying pan with oil on the hotplate which was starting to smoke. The unit picked it up before the smoke detector- could have prevented a fire.
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