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Reviewed in Australia on 16 December 2021
As a scholar with publications of my own in political science I consider myself very well-read. This is without doubt the most extraordinary book I have read on the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves. If I were to put into words just how extraordinary it is, then my review would probably be dismissed as absurd hyperbole or fawning adulation, and yet, no, I must say it – this book will leave you in shock and awe, it will shatter you into a thousand pieces and rebuild you for a tougher, wiser, and yet darker reality than you could ever imagine. If Nietzsche could call himself “dynamite” then Kennedy might well be an atomic bomb. He documents in stunning and persuasive detail – joining so many intricate and indisputable dots of well-sourced evidence that the picture could scarcely be drawn otherwise – how the medical and military industrial complexes have converged into a biosecurity nexus that has made a shadowy and frankly all-too-prescient march towards the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21, one that Anthony Fauci lauded as the “champion” to runners up including Ebola and Zika. Fauci’s links with Bill Gates, and the infinitely sinister web of funding that the unqualified “health expert” multi-billionaire has weaved around the world mean this book is almost as much a story of Gates and the global oligarchy that now effectively controls the world, reaching down into global health governance and national health departments around the world, all the while fully invested in the profits and powers of Big Pharma, supported and advanced in alliance with intelligence agencies, military research programs, and a myriad of other inappropriate and undemocratic partners, too strange and sinister for anything that could ever claim to be driven by health outcomes merely… While I give this amazing book five stars, Kennedy definitely has his political partisanship on show in places, regularly reminding us of the good works of his uncle whom others will remember as the callous and privileged Chappaquiddick Kennedy. He is overly tough on Reagan and Trump and several Republicans while forgiving of Obama and the Clintons—the reality is that all of this was going on behind the scenes in the permanent state military and civilian bureaucratic apparatus, and none of the elected leaders of the US are especially or primarily to blame for it—except perhaps those like George W. Bush and Joe Biden who have leaned into the biosecurity state like no others. Indeed, one can decide whether these are not perhaps exactly the kind of marionettes of the “Right” and “Left” that the global biosecurity apparatus will prefer to have installed now that democracy is, as Kennedy concludes, effectively suspended in favor of an indefinite medical authoritarianism, tending towards fully coercive totalitarianism. Covid-19 is the Left’s 9/11 and the impeccably Democratic Kennedy has not yet fully come to terms with the fact that this crisis has bamboozled his tribe as thoroughly as the War on Terror bewitched mainstream conservatives into abandoning civil liberties and basic commonsense. It is populism versus oligarchy now, not Left and Right nonsense, and Kennedy himself quotes Bill Gates complaining that on his visits to the Trump White House he was subjected to talk of Kennedy’s own skepticism of his, let us say, “pharmaceutical” efforts. Trump spoke out on the obvious plausibility of the lab leak scenario and the effectiveness of HCQ as a prophylactic and early treatment… Those quibbles aside and in summary, you must have this book—buy as many hardcopies as you can. Hand them out. But Keep them safe. Keep yourself safe after that, because this book may turn you into that valiant person of steadfast courage and principle that you were always destined to become and that every global elite fears you that you just might.
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