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Reviewed in Australia on 11 November 2021
I pre-ordered a pair of these and excitedly waited a month to receive, hoping to utilise Alexa voice commands for everyday convenience and productivity. Unfortunately this product has disappointed in every conceivable way. Let's start with the fit - it is awful. No matter which size you change to, this product will pop out of your ears, often at the most inopportune times. If anything the wingtips exacerbate the problem and if they don't tear when you are putting them on, they will likely tear when removing them. One time after adding the wing tip, the ear tip even lodged in my ear canal (even though it was secured before I put it into my ear) and needed to be removed with tweezers. Next up is the voice control, which if you're lucky might work thirty percent of the time (unlike my other devices which work without issue 95% of the time or more. Often voice commands don't even respond and if they do then you'll find yourself repeating the instructions many times before usually giving up because it either doesn't understand or does something completely different to what you are asking. Next is the battery life, which is far less than advertised and will also drain your phone battery if left on (often a race to see wht dies first). Obviously this isn't solely the faut of this product and also relates to the app and phone itself (my phone is around 12 months old and battery performance is otherwise good). Suffice to say it renders the voice command aspect fairly useless if it doesn't work properly and kills your phone battery anyway. Finally there's the sound quality, which is considerably poorer than my Galaxy buds which I've had for around 2 years, I also have to repeat myself if using the phone as the other person often has difficulty hearing me when using this device. In closing, I will be returning this poor product l, as I'm sure many others will be too. In my opinion this should never have been released due to the plethora of issues encountered and considering the price point you would expect better from Amazon. Don't waste your time or money until they release a later version which addresses these issues properly.
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