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Reviewed in Australia on 15 January 2021
This book very much underwhelmed me. The whole, discovering his dad's place of birth was okay, but it very quickly became both a boring plot point and a convoluted one at that. Worse, every character in this town spoke the same way - the town lawyer, the council lady, the police - their thoughts and reactions were singular, which was unbelievable.
Meantime we keep switching to the couple at the motel - and boy, was that a drawn out, nothing happens until the final three chapters part of the story.

The author also failed to tie up all the plot points - wasn't there two separate lots of bad guys coming for reacher? what happen to the second lot.

Boring, long winded with little pay off - and even the mystery about his dad plot point was kind of just dropped by the author as seemingly inconsequential as Reacher once more walks off into the sunset.
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